Suggestion for Microsoft: Xbox Phone!

I had this idea today while overhearing a colleague cursing (again) against Microsoft… I never really was a huge Microsoft fan. But I never hated them or their products either. For me, whether I copy a file in Windows, iOS, or Debian, does not make that much of a difference. In fact, I always felt a little sad for poor Microsoft who has become the unloved child, compared to its younger and hipper sibling Apple. I always felt that Apple could get away with a lot without people complaining. Installing iTunes when you wanted to install only Quicktime? No problem. Making it almost impossible to copy your music bought on iTunes to another of your device? Why would you want to use a non-Apple product?! The iPhone price cut leaving early buyers feeling foolish and marred by bugs, spotty service, and disappearing programs for the device? Meh. Apple is just cool, and it seems to keep its aura no matter what. This is one powerful ‘Halo Effect’, no pun intended! Microsoft: uncool. Apple: cool. That’s just the way it is…

Anyway, I am not a marketing genius, but here is food for thought for Ballmer’s successor. Microsoft and Windows connote with ‘uncool’, ‘old’, ‘enterprise’, and ‘dinosaur’. Microsoft, after buying Nokia, is still struggling big time in the lucrative and growing smart phones segment. The only cool products right now at Microsoft are the Xbox and the Kinect. So why not just sell an ‘Xbox Phone’?? This is actually what Sony should have done a long time ago with the PSP: adding phone capabilities. I am thinking of a small media center that could project its signal to your TV and act as a remote. A phone with a large screen and integrated game controllers, from which you could stream movies and play 3D games. A phone designed by the Xbox team with an Xbox logo. A phone that teenagers and Gen Xers would love. Maybe this is the vision with the new Windows 9, reported to potentially unify Xbox One, Windows Phone, and the PC.  I doubt it though. I am not sure what my colleague thinks of all this, but I will not resist cheering for the unbeloved and the struggling…


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